Domain Whois Checker

Domain Whois Checker 0.0.3

Bulk domain name availability checker

Bulk domain name availability checker

Domain Whois Checker is a powerful tool to check availability of multiple domain names or monitor domain name expiration. You can check a large list of the domain names, save it for later checking and find out great expired domain names using date filters. Also you can check all available gTLDs of a particular domain name.

Build-in Whois server manager lets addition of any gTLD or ccTLD. It has automatic Whois server detection, multiple Whois query result parsers and TLD search function.

Smart date/time filter lets find out potential expired domain names in the previously checked and saved lists.

Unlimited gTLDs (just add TLD name)

Whois server list management

Automatic whois server detection

Multiple parsers

Multi-thread whois queryes

Smart timeout system

Filter for potential expired domains

Import (text, list, CSV, URL)

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Domain Whois Checker


Domain Whois Checker 0.0.3

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